Viking Age: The Wars at Home

Much has been written about the Scandinavians going viking, and how those raids evolved from attacking vulnerable targets and collecting booty and slaves, into the conquest and colonization of kingdoms. With this post, I wanted to bring your attention back to the home front, where the strife between the Scandinavians followed a similar trajectory.

Vikings, Estonians and the Way East

In my previous posts, I have focused all of my attention on Norway, and in particular, on the kings and sub-kings of present-day Norway during the 9th-10th century AD. I now would like to shift the focus east, to what was then called the Way East, or Austrvegr.

Mary Anne Yarde Releases Her New Novel, The Du Lac Prophecy

Today, I welcome Mary Anne Yarde to my blog. The multi-award-winning author of the Du Lac Chronicles has just released Book 4 in her series, The Du Lac Prophecy. We catch up with her today to hear her thoughts on the new release, Authurian history, and more. Read on to find out more...

The Kings of Vingulmark and the Future of Norway

This week’s people of interest are Harald Fairhair’s son, Olav, and grandson, Trygvi, both kings of Vingulmark (and later, Vestfold), which is the area around present-day Oslo, and whose name means impenetrable forest.