Interview: Noah Tetzner, Author and Podcaster

Noah Tetzner, podcaster and author

Noah Tetzner, podcaster and author

I am happy to welcome podcaster, Noah Tetzner, to my blog. Like me, Noah shares a fascination with Vikings and the Viking Age, which he covers extensively on his podcast, The History of Vikings. And now Noah has added another feather to his cap with the publishing of his new book, The Poetic Edda: A Study Guide. I had the honor of catching up with Noah to ask him a few questions. You can read the interview below. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Noah Tetzner and I host a podcast called The History of Vikings. The podcast is dedicated to rediscovering the history of the Vikings and the gods they worshiped. I have just released a new book titled The Poetic Edda: A Study Guide which is a no-nonsense, easy to understand, study guide to the most important source of Norse mythology.

 Where did your passion for Vikings begin?

I have always loved history but my passion for the Viking Age began around a year ago when I first launched my podcast. I have always wanted to create a history podcast and the Viking Age really spoke to me. I am fascinated by Old Norse sagas, religion, and warfare. These are all topics which I have the opportunity to discuss every week on my podcast.

 Can you tell us a little about your new book?

Image c/o Noah Tetzner

Image c/o Noah Tetzner

My new book The Poetic Edda: A Study Guide is a no-nonsense, easy to understand, readable study guide to the Poetic Edda, a key primary source of Norse mythology. The Poetic Edda is a collection of myths and heroic stories written down in the form of poems. These myths and stories are centered around Norse gods such as Thor, Odin, and Loki and various human heroes.

 What do you hope readers will get out of your book?

When I first became fascinated with Norse mythology, the thought of picking up the Poetic Edda and reading it seemed an extremely daunting task! There are dozens of characters to follow, family blood feuds, and other plot lines that end up running into one another. I hope that my book acts as a companion to those seeking to read the Poetic Edda, and understand the vast mythological world that it presents!

 Do you have a favorite story from the Poetic Edda? Why is it your favorite?

I have always loved a poem called Voluspa which features the [story] of a seeress who can recall both the creation of the universe and the coming of Ragnarok. Voluspa encompasses a unique creation myth whereas the world is formed out of the various body parts of a giant and epic battle scenes among the gods and monstrous children of Loki.

 Do you have a favorite character? Why is he/she your favorite?

Of all the fascinating characters described in the Poetic Edda, my favorite is a cunning smith called Volund. He is featured in the poem Volundarkvitha which encompasses many different mythic elements including his marriage to a Valkyrie, his imprisonment by King Nithuth, and the brutal revenge he carries out.

 Where can people purchase your book?

The Poetic Edda: A Study Guide is available on and can be found via this link: