God's Hammer

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Say What? Creating Believable Historical Dialogue

How does a writer create believable characters if the characters lived decades ago, centuries ago, or even, millennia ago? One of the methods is through their speech, which manifests itself in dialogue. Here is my five-step recipe for creating believable historical dialogue. Hopefully, it can be useful to you too...

How much would you sacrifice to rule a kingdom?

That is the central question that Hakon Haraldsson must answer in GOD'S HAMMER. It is not an atypical question for the Dark Ages. There are countless stories of warlords and kings dying in their pursuit of the throne, or dying to protect it. Yet Hakon’s story stuck a chord with me because Hakon was not the typical Viking leader.

Why Hakon?

A number of people have asked me over the years why I chose Hakon Haraldsson (or "Hakon the Good" as the sagas call him) as the protagonist in the GOD'S HAMMER series (yes - it'll be a series. I promise). While we don't know all of the facts of Hakon's life, we do know that even if marginally true, Hakon's story takes many of the norms of Viking literature and turns them on their head. In many ways, Hakon is the anti-Viking, yet a memorable hero nonetheless. And that's precisely what drew me to him.