God's Hammer

God's Hammer eBook Sale: $0.99

The ebook version of God’s Hammer is now only $0.99 on Amazon (US)! There’s never been a better time to join Hakon Haraldsson as he battles for the throne of Viking Age Norway! But you’ve got to hurry. This offer only lasts until May 2. If you’ve read it already, please tell a friend that the time to grab their copy is now.

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How much would you sacrifice to rule a kingdom?

That is the central question that Hakon Haraldsson must answer in GOD'S HAMMER. It is not an atypical question for the Dark Ages. There are countless stories of warlords and kings dying in their pursuit of the throne, or dying to protect it. Yet Hakon’s story stuck a chord with me because Hakon was not the typical Viking leader.