I exist in the space between the medieval past and the not-so-distant future. By day, I am a brand storyteller and PR professional who runs a boutique PR agency called Neology Marketing Communications. By night (or frankly any free time I can find), I wander into the past, using known history and fiction to create stories about people living in turbulent times. While I understand my interest in the future, I have no explanation for my fascination with the past. It is more than an interest — it is a calling.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, hardly the epicenter of medieval history. Yet even from the earliest age, I can remember devouring books about castles and warrior kings and Tolkien's Middle Earth. That fascination, coupled with a love of writing, led me to the completion of a Viking historical fiction series set in 10th century Norway. The novels, which are published by Legionary Books (an imprint of Next Chapter Publishing), tell the story of the Norwegian king, Hakon Haraldsson (or Hakon the Good) and his struggles to win, unify and protect what was not yet then Norway.

But I am more than an author. I am the husband to an incredible wife and the father to two amazing kids. I am also an avid skier, beach-goer, a recovering triathlete, and an amateur environmentalist.

I frequently share information about my writing and about other writers I find interesting. To follow along, visit me at the links to the left or simply fill out my Contacts page.