about me  

I exist in the space between the medieval past and the not so distant future. By day, I run my own PR agency and share stories with the press about the kind of future I believe my clients can shape. By night (or frankly any free time I can find), I wander into the past, using known history and fiction to create stories about people living in turbulent times. While I understand my interest in the future, I have no explanation for my fascination with the past. It is a calling.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, hardly the epicenter of medieval history. Yet even from the earliest age, I can remember devouring books about castles and warrior kings and Tolkien's Middle Earth. That fascination, coupled with a love of writing, led me to the completion of a trilogy about the 10th century Norwegian king, Hakon Haraldsson (or Hakon the Good): God's Hammer, Raven's Feast, and War King.

But I am more than an author. I am the husband to an incredible wife and the father to two amazing kids. I am also an avid skier, beach-goer, and recovering triathlete. Like my writing, these too are my passions.

I frequently share information about my writing, and about other writers I find interesting. To follow along, visit me at the links to the left or simply fill out my Contacts page. Skål!