Olaf’s Saga

Join Olaf Tryggvason, one of the most colorful and enigmatic Viking kings of the 10th century, on his rise from the horrors of thralldom to the throne of Norway.

Forged By Iron

Olaf’s Saga Book 1

Sigurd’s Swords

Olaf’s Saga Book 2

Wolves of Wagria

Olaf’s Saga Book 3

Hakon’s Saga

In early 10th century Norway, a Christian teenager once fought for the throne of his pagan homeland. Known as Hakon the Good, this is his story.

God’s Hammer

Hakon’s Saga Book 1

Raven’s Feast

Hakon’s Saga Book 2

War King

Hakon’s Saga Book 2


Hakon’s Saga Prequel

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