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Viking Age: The Wars at Home

Much has been written about the Scandinavians going viking, and how those raids evolved from attacking vulnerable targets and collecting booty and slaves, into the conquest and colonization of kingdoms. With this post, I wanted to bring your attention back to the home front, where the strife between the Scandinavians followed a similar pattern. Read more here.

Short Story: A Stroke of Genius

Want to know what painting Leonardo da Vinci first contributed to when he was just an apprentice? Read about it in my first short story over at

War King is here! Win a FREE copy!

I could not be more excited to share with you that my third novel, War King, has released today. Like the others, War King tells the story of Hakon Haraldsson and his trials as king of Viking Age Norway. Read more about the novel, and where to get it, here.

Vikings, Estonians and the Way East

In my previous posts, I have focused all of my attention on Norway, and in particular, on the kings and sub-kings of present-day Norway during the 9th-10th century AD. I now would like to shift the focus east, to what was then called the Way East, or Austrvegr. Read on.

God’s Hammer Wins a “Chill with a Book” Award

I am thrilled to share that God’s Hammer has won a “Chill with a Book” Reader’s Award. All books are read by an equal number of readers and evaluated on the strength of the writing and the characters, and whether the story kept them turning the pages. The collective result from all the readers of each book determines if a book is given an awarded or not. Learn more about the award here.

War King has a Cover and a Pre-Order Campaign!

Today, I am revealing the cover of Book 3 in Hakon's Saga, War King. I am also kicking off a pre-order for the book. The new cover can be seen on the right of the screen. To find out more about the book and the pre-order, head here.

The Kings of Vingulmark and the Future of Norway

The people of interest this week are Harald Fairhair’s son, Olav, and grandson, Trygvi, both kings of Vingulmark, which is the area around present-day Oslo and whose name means impenetrable forest. Read on to find out more about these men and the impact they had on Norway's history.

Harald Bluetooth - the Builder King?

This week, I am diving a bit deeper into Harald Gormsson (also known as Harald Bluetooth), one of the more industrious kings of the Viking Age. Read more.

The Kings of Vestfold - Björn and his son, Gudröd - July 20, 2018

This week’s people of interest are Harald Fairhair’s son, Björn, and grandson, Gudröd, both kings of Vestfold as their forebears Harald and Halvdan had been before them. Read on to find out more.


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