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Kievan Rus’ and the Vikings

From the feedback I’ve received, it’s clear that more is known of the Vikings in England, France and Ireland, and that fewer readers know about this place called Kievan Rus’ or Gardariki – a place that will eventually become what is now called Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine – or the important role it played in the Viking story and in the history of Eastern Europe. Hopefully this post will help shine a bit more light on that bygone kingdom.

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Viking Ship Economics

Much has been written about Viking ships. How they were constructed. Their various sizes and names. So rather than ply similar seas, this post takes a closer look at the resources, economics, and “person-power” it took to get just a single Viking ship into the water.

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Viking Wars at Home

Much has been written about the Scandinavians going viking, and how those raids evolved from attacking vulnerable targets and collecting booty and slaves, into the conquest and colonization of kingdoms. With this post, I wanted to bring your attention back to the home front, where the strife between the Scandinavians followed a similar trajectory.

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Why Hakon the Good?

A number of people have asked me over the years why I chose Hakon Haraldsson (or “Hakon the Good” as the sagas call him) as the protagonist in the GOD’S HAMMER series (yes – it’ll be a series. I promise). While we don’t know all of the facts of Hakon’s life, we do know that even if marginally true, Hakon’s story takes many of the norms of Viking literature and turns them on their head. In many ways, Hakon is the anti-Viking, yet a memorable hero nonetheless. And that’s precisely what drew me to him.

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