The Line of Harald “Fairhair”

According to Heimskringla

Family Of Harald I

Family Tree Key:

  • Father: Halvdan “the Black” Gudrodsson
  • Mother: Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter
  • Wife of Harald I: Åsa Håkonsson (sister to Jarl Sigurd of Trondheim)
  • Son: Halvdan “the Black” Haraldsson
  • Son: Halvdan “the White” Haraldsson
  • Son: Guttorm Haraldsson
  • Son: Sigfrid Haraldsson
  • Wife of Harald I: Gyda Eiriksdottir
  • Daughter: Ålov Årbot Haraldsdotter = Jarl Tore “the Silent” of More
  • Granddaughter: Bergljot Toresdatter = Jarl Sigurd of Trondheim
  • Son: Rørek Haraldsson
  • Son: Sigtrygg Haraldsson
  • Son: Frode Haraldsson
  • Son: Torgils Haraldsson
  • Wife of Harald I: Åshild, daughter of Ring Dagsson
  • Son: Ring Haraldsson
  • Son: Dag Haraldsson
  • Son: Gudrød “Skirja” Haraldsson
  • Daughter: Ingegjerd Haraldsdotter
  • Wife of Harald I: Snæfrithr Svásadottir, daughter of Svåse the Finn
  • Son: Halfdan “Long-Leg” Haraldsson
  • Son: Gudrød “Ljome” Haraldsson
  • Son: Ragnvald “Straight-leg” Haraldsson
  • Son: Sigurd “Rise” Haraldsson
  • Wife of Harald I: Ragnhild “the Mighty” Eiriksdotter
  • Son: Erik “Bloodaxe” Haraldsson = Gunnhild “Mother of Kings”
  • Grandson: Gamle Eriksson
  • Grandson: Guthorm Eriksson
  • Grandson: Harald “Greycloak” Eriksson
  • Grandson: Ragnfred Eriksson
  • Granddaughter: Ragnhild Eriksdotter
  • Grandson: Erling Eriksson
  • Grandson: Gudrod Eriksson
  • Grandson: Sigurd “Sleva” Eriksson

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