Forged by Iron begins the thrilling saga of one of the most legendary kings of the Viking Age, Olaf Tryggvason.

In AD 960, the fabric that has held Norway together is tearing. The sons of Erik Bloodaxe have returned and are systematically killing all opposition to the High Seat. Threatened by the treachery of those vengeful sons, one of the heirs to the throne, Olaf, and his family escape east, through the dark, forested land of the Swedes and across the treacherous East Sea, all the while evading the clutches of brutal henchmen bent on destroying them. But the gods are fickle and the group is torn apart, forcing them to fend for themselves in Forged by Iron.


Rich in historical detail and full of colour and excitement, Forged by Iron is a thrilling tale told by a great storyteller.” – Matthew Harffy, author of the Bernicia Chronicles

“With the dedicated devotion of a Skald and a novelist intuition for what makes a book entertaining, Schumacher has presented his readers with a novel that is as impressive as it is mesmerising.” – Mary Anne Yarde, author of the Du Lac Chronicles

“Author Eric Schumacher masterfully captures the essence of the characters while telling a riveting adventure and coming of age story of two boys who must face almost insurmountable challenges.” – Linnea Tanner, author of the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series

“Schumacher serves us a historical tale full of brooding menace, relentless threat and brutal reality. Like it’s hero, this book is destined to be a runaway success.” – Ian Sharpe, author of the VikingVerse series of books

“…as exciting as anything I’ve read in the historical-fiction genre. This is indeed a well-crafted tale…and it is just the beginning.” – Paul Bennett, author of Clash of Empires

“I highly recommend Schumacher’s Forged by Iron for anyone who has an interest in Viking history, particularly if they enjoyed The Long Ships (Frans G. Bengtsson) or The Half-Drowned King (Linnea Hartsuyker).” – Joshua Gillingham, author of the upcoming Gatewatch.

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