I could not be more excited to share with you that my third Viking historical fiction novel, War King, has released today. Like the others, War King tells the story of Hakon Haraldsson (aka Hakon the Good or Haakon the Good) and his trials as king of Viking Age Norway. Read more about the novel, and where to get it, below.


Publication Date: Oct 15, 2018
Publisher: Creativia
eBook & Paperback

Series: Hakon’s Saga, Book 3
Genre: Fiction/Historical

War King is the third novel in the Hakon’s Saga series, which tells the story of Hakon the Good and his quest to win and keep the High Seat of Viking Age Norway.

It is 954 AD and a tempest is brewing in the North. Twenty summers before, Hakon Haraldsson wrested Norway’s throne from his murderous brother, Erik Bloodaxe, but he failed to rid himself of Erik’s family. Now the sons of Erik have come to reclaim Erik’s realm and avenge the wrong done to their father and their kin.

They do not come alone. With them marches an army of sword-Danes sent by the Danish King, Harald Bluetooth, whose desire to expand his realm is as powerful as the lust for vengeance that pulses in the veins of Erik’s brood.

Like storm-driven waves, the opposing forces collide in War King, the action-packed sequel to the Viking historical fiction novels, God’s Hammer and Raven’s Feast.


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