god's hammer  

God's Hammer tells the story of Hakon Haraldsson and his brutal fight for the High Seat of Viking Age Norway. 

AD 935: The North is in turmoil. King Harald Fairhair has died, leaving the High Seat of the realm to his murderous son, Erik Bloodaxe. To solidify his claim, Erik ruthlessly disposes of all claimants to his throne save one: his youngest brother Hakon. 

Erik's surviving enemies send a ship to Wessex, where Hakon is being fostered in the Christian court of King Athelstan. Unable to avoid his fate, Hakon returns to the Viking North to face his brother and claim his birthright. Armed with his dream of becoming the first Christian king of his father's realm, yet confronted with the limitations of his youth and the hostility of the Northmen he would rule, Hakon soon learns that victory might come only by sacrificing that which he holds most dear.

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This was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, regardless of genre.
— Mike, an Amazon customer
Author Eric Schumacher put together a rousing story of warfare, religious strife and tested friendships.
— Mercedes Rochelle, author of "Heir to a Prophecy"
A Viking adventure with brains and heart.
— David Ewalt, author of "Of Dice and Men"
Fast moving story. Didn’t want to put it down. Best of all the Viking stories I have read.
— Penelope, an Amazon customer